Improve Your Website and Email Copy by Hiring a Copywriter Who Understands The Needs of Your Industry

A recent study by Microsoft  revealed that people can no longer concentrate for more than eight (8) seconds.

In fact, Hubspot suggests that you have only seven (7) seconds to convince your website visitor.

In less than eight (8) seconds, you must grab the potential client’s attention, build his interest, and help him make a decision just-in-time to take the action you want.

This method of roping in a reader is popularly known as AIDA model; derived from the acronyms of the points of interest.

All the big names use it all the time and I will help you implement it in your marketing bids.

Can’t write a convincing copy?

Don’t worry

I will help you curate content that will help you meet your content needs.


Web Copywriting Services

web copywriting

Stop writing web copies that send people to sleep. You need a copy that follows the AIDA model.

A copy that is not only powerful but also plays with the reader’s emotion.

The title itself should carry 80%+ of the message. Someone should be able to read your title alone and be able to take the action you want.

Psychological engineering will help drive the point home much quickly and encourage the reader to take action.

We do not want a situation where the reader has freedom to choose whether to buy what you are selling or not. Once a reader is on your page, the copy should do the selling. He should buy.

That is what I am going to help you create. A copy that sells itself. A copy that has a memorable story behind it.


Newsletter Copywriting Services

newsletter copywriting

No doubt, email marketing is the most popular (and profitable) marketing channel of all time.

In fact, Hubspot revealed that email marketers can realize as high as 1:43 ROI.


Because you can extremely personalize email to fit very intimate tastes and preferences.

When you address the intimate details, people begin to trust you more. With a little psychological engineering, they open their wallets.

This will only happen when they feel they know you sufficiently.

You are in the business of building trust/relationships here and that is what I will help you do.


Ghostwriting Services

guest posts

Inbound marketing is the in-thing right now. You get high quality inbound links from authority websites.

What this does is that it not only improve traffic to your website but also improves your authority in the industry.

We all know how busy company executives can get.

Being busy should not be the excuse for not doing inbound marketing. You can still get your name in front of the editors of authoritative websites within your industry.

When you get too busy, get someone to do the work for you. Put your name on it and you are sorted.

I am the person who will create your outreach campaigns to the major publications and blogs within your niche and get your name out there.


Blog Writing Services

blog writing


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with your clients.

It gives your clients an assurance that they will always derive value from associating with you.

As a result, they become loyal and they will always check on you. You, on the other hand, will capitalize on this association by always striving to provide value.

When your clients trust you, they depend on your word. When you recommend for them a product or a service, they are more likely to try it out.

For this reason, you should always aim to inform, empower, educate, or entertain your readers.

Hubspot revealed that businesses that blogged many times a week realized higher returns than their counterparts that posted only a few posts per month.

You will need to blog regularly and your blog posts need to serve one or a combination of the functions we highlighted a while ago.


Thesis/Dissertation Editing Services

If you are tired with endless revisions that your lecturer is subjecting you to, there is no need to fret.

I am here to help you write a proper thesis that will put your name on the next graduation list.

Once you let me know what your project entails, we discuss the scope, the style, and the timeline of the project. I am accessible to several top online libraries from ivy league universities.

I will get the resources you need for the research work and help you refine your paper to reflect your professionalism. We will work together to ensure that your thesis covers the topic comprehensively.


Content Strategy Services

content strategy


Every entrepreneur will confide in you just how chaotic things can get in business.

It is not enough to have a super product and an amazing website.

You still need to keep in touch with your clients. You must understand their psychology and the reason why they make the decisions they do.

When you understand why people do things the way they do, you will be able to predict their behaviors.

Since you you are able to predict behavior patterns, you are in a position of power. When you have the power, you wield it in a way that is beneficial to you.

You will be able to predict the content needs of your clients and give them a relevant information every time. They will feel you are always providing them with value and trust you even more.

You give them that “Aha, just what I needed” moment every time they read your posts. That puts you in a position of power.

Read this Hubspot report to understand why your business NEEDS content strategy.

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