This is Kevine, a versatile freelance copywriter from Kenya.

I love life and I express this through my writing.

I write about the food industry, lifestyle issues, and technology.

Hippocrates said,

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food

That’s why I love food. It helps me avoid medicine.

If you must know, I usually don’t look forward to the trips to the doctor’s office. Medicine tastes bitter in my mouth and I loathe the pricky jab.

I bet we share similar sentiments on this.

My little secret love affair with technology…

Technology fascinates me because it gives everyone equal opportunity to excel.

Through technology, an unknown villager can let the whole world know about what he thinks.

Personally, it has helped me break down many barriers in my life.

With the right information, technology can help transform lives when used constructively.

That is why I am taking charge to help you create content that will help transform lives. Content that will help a common Joe to grow, develop and fully exploit his potential.

Two things that make me stand out from other freelance copywriters

First, I do not rush to finish your project.

I know a bunch of guys who do that and they deliver shit.

Working with someone who rushes over your project makes you lose twice; first on the money and then on your time. Why waste the time you won’t recover to buy something you won’t need?

Remember how the saying goes?

When you buy the shit you don’t need now, you will  sell the things you need in the future.

Working with me guarantees you the best results. My content creation model increases the probability of getting it right the first time.

My model helps you save time, which gives you a head start on your competition.

Secondly, I know that you value your time because time wasted you will never recover.

Getting things right the first time will add value to your business. It creates a positive perception among your customers. They will respect you for being on top of your game every time.

I am a versatile writer. This helps me adapt to your style when I’m writing for you. I will adapt to your style and voice so that nobody realizes the work was not done by you.


I provide factual and up-to-date information that puts you ahead of your competition. A data-packed article will improve the credibility of your copy and your professionalism. Your industry peers will consider you a resource person and seek for your consultancy services.

That is exactly what I will help you achieve when you work with me.